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5 Tips on Success from 5 of the Wealthiest People in the World

When Warren Buffet was asked for his best piece of investment advice recently, the multi millionaire said that when a person with experience meets someone with money, the person with money will leave with experience while the person with experience ends up with the money.

Let that sink in for a minute….

Now, as you know, that’s not to say people with wealth are without any experience but rather that wealthy people know that success is something that requires constant learning.

With this in mind, in this article we take a look at five tips on success from five of the wealthiest people in the world:

5 Tips on Success from 5 of the Wealthiest People in the World

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Jeff Bezos – Amazon CEO

The founder of Amazon is now the wealthiest person in the world with an incredible net worth of more than $112 billion. In recent years, Amazon has surpassed every expectation and with such a strong hold around online commerce, his worth is fully expected to grow in tandem with the brand.

Although he currently owns 17% of Amazon, some years ago, Bezo’s also purchased the Washington Post and earned a mammoth $20 million from last year alone.

On the other hand, the CEO of Amazon has a passion for space exploration and owns space company called Blue Origin, which leads us into the following words of wisdom…


Jeff Bezos Advice

According to Jeff Bezos, every person is gifted with passions and it’s up to each individual to find these passions. Until that time, he says that most people will continue to work “jobs or careers” but essentially, they will only hit the jackpot when they discover their true passion.

Moral of the story: Young people should take time to consider their passion and know that these passions are not something you choose but rather passion is something that chooses the person.

Mark Zuckerberg – Founder of Facebook


The ‘Social Network” did a fantastic job of portraying the rise of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. In many ways, this movie was also the perfect example of how an idea or even a piece of content can go viral. In case you might now know, the billionaire created Facebook in a college dorm room.

As for the man himself, Zuckerberg left his Harvard education to focus on building Facebook. At this time, the platform has more than 2 billion users and in spite of a certain “lull” in recent years, Facebook remains the most prominent and successful social media platform ever created.


Mark Zuckerbergs Advice

For all the negativity that gets passed around about Mark Zuckerberg, he has an excellent track record for funding worthy causes and projects that promote a sustainable future. For this reason, his recent advice to Stanford graduates was very apt in that he said it was no longer enough to “find your purpose”.

Instead, Zuckerberg suggests that we need to create a new sense of purpose in the world. As for what this means, he goes on to challenge people to take on big meaningful projects, to fight for equality and build community at every opportunity. And who could argue with such advice? If you think back one hundred years, it was unthinkable that man would set foot on the moon.


Warren Buffet – Most Successful Investor in the World

Everyone knows about Warren Buffet who bought his very first stock when he was just eleven years old. In fact, Buffet was filing taxes at the age of thirteen and developed a very distinct interest in being frugal.

Today, Buffet owns more than sixty companies and is a philantropist who has vowed to give away most of his fortune when the time comes. What’s more, when we say “frugal, he really takes his spending serious and still commits to having a $4 breakfast every morning at McDonalds.

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Warren Buffet Advice


Warren Buffet is best known for buying major stocks with tried and trusted performance in the markets. However, he is equally famous for holding these stocks and committing to long term investments only.

As a rule, Buffet says that selling stocks should only happen when you need cash and the best time to invest money is when there is “blood in the streets”. In other words, when everyone else is folding, it’s time to double down and get ready to deploy some patience for a market rebound.


Bill Gates – Microsoft CEO


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs went head to head for several decades as Apple and Microsoft battled it out. Although Apple seemed to come out on top at the expense of their competitor, Microsoft’s and Gates are undoutedly known as pioneers in the world of computers and technology.

On the other hand, Bill Gates is also known as a very thorough investor and strategist who has amassed one of the greatest fortunes in the world and continued to build Microsoft in the process. While Steve Jobs sadly lost his battle to cancer some years ago, Gates continues to inspire and lead in an industry which is just as competitive now as it was when Jobs was still around.


Bill Gates’ Advice

Although Bill Gates dropped out of college, he considers a degree as an essential tool for future generations. In fact, the Microsoft CEO advises that college graduates are more likely to find better paid jobs and live healthier than if they did not have a degree. What’s more, he goes on to say that the skills and training from a degree are invaluable and recognizable to every reputable company.

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Larry Page – Co-Founder of Google

For such a soft spoken man, Larry Page has some incredibly profound things to say. Back in 1990’s, Page started what would eventually become Google with Sergey Brin.


At the age of twelve, Larry read a book about Nicola Tesla and learned how the famous inventor died in the midst of severe debt. However, it was this story that made him want to “change the world”. In short, Page believed that inventing was one thing but putting the actual invention out into the world was even more important.


After graduating from the University of Michigan, Page met Sergey Brin and around this same time, he had a dream about downloading the World Wide Web. It seemed crazy at the time but Page and Brin began downloading the web in a small garage. It was their vision that they could use Google to make the internet accessible and searchable with a system they had for ranking pages.


Larry Page Advice


Larry’s advice is short and sweet: you don’t need a company to develop an idea. What’s more, you just need to know where you are going to make it happen. In the case of Google, it was the simplicity of “Organize information on the web to be more searchable and accessible” that enabled them to succeed. In fact, if you look at Google, Amazon, Disney and Apple, you can recognize something they have in common……they all started in a garage.


From Facebook and Microsoft to Amazon and Warren Buffet, these are just a few tips from the leaders of biggest companies and the wealthiest people in the world.



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