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5 Must Read Books That will Jump Start Your Online Money-making Career

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a little inspiration from time to time and books are often the best way to find actionable information that actually works. It’s true, as opposed to all the nonsense or noise you find online, books and authors tend to take a more reliable and professional approach.

But which authors are worth your time and what books will help jump start your online money-making career?

Let’s take a look at some of the more transparent authors out there and books that offer true value that can help jump start your online money-making career:


5 Must Read Books That will Jump Start Your Online Money-making Career


  1. DOTCOM Secrets by Russell Brunson

Traffic is essential to every online business and converting enquiries into sales is just as challenging. After working with endless businesses on these issues, Russell Brunson has come up with a theory that the underlying issue for lacking in these areas is usually a case of poor marketing funnels.


Needless to say, DOTCOM Secrets goes on to explain how an effective sales funnel should work and what sales scripts you need to start converting enquiries into customers. As if that’s not enough, the author also explains the best practice for getting more leads to your service  – something we can all appreciate!


Favourite Lesson from DOTCOM Secrets – There are 23 blocks of a sales funnel


According to the book, there are four categories in a sales funnel: framing the bridge, gaining subscribers, qualifying buyers and identifying those who are ready to buy. However, there are also twenty three building blocks within these categories.


In short, there are approximately seven things that you can do differently within these blocks to make buyers more interested in parting with their money. If you want to generate interest and make money online, this should be essential information to know inside-out.


Why You Should Read It


DOTCOM Secrets has some fantastic information relating to email conversions in particular. You need to collect emails but the book also outlines what to do when you have them. In many ways, this is what you might call a “meat and potatoes book” which cuts out the fluff and teaches you how to put new skills into practice in order to make more money online.



  1. The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss


If you’re like me, you think that a four hour work week seems unrealistic and lazy at best. However, Tim Ferriss has created an absolute colossus in the 4 Hour Work Week and a blueprint with actionable advice that can be applied to any online career. In fact, the book has sold more than 1.5 million copies for good reason and spent five years in the bestseller list for the New York Times.


Anyway, much of the book outlines the importance of choosing a niche and testing, testing, testing! In other words, the 4 HWW teaches the importance of picking a very specific topic and spending time on research and preparation. However, there are also inspiring nuggets in here that relate to every aspect of working online and enough inspiration to take you from reading to actually doing.


Favourite Takeaway’s


“Doing something unimportant well, does not make it important”


Focus on becoming effective rather than efficient. Ferris suggests that if you focus on 20% of the most important things, this portion will usually account for 80% of the results.


Make life “easier” by providing quality and charging a premium


Needless to say, you should provide quality anyway. However, by charging a premium you will need less clients which is arguably the most challenging aspect of any business. After all, the most difficult part of sales is convincing first time customers to part with their money. On the other hand, charging a premium will usually leave you with low-hassle clients who are happy to pay more for high quality.


Why You Should Read It


Well, even though the 4-Hour Work Week is often viewed as cliche, the book has had a greater impact on aspiring entreprepreneurs than first realized. In other words, many freelancers or digital nomads feel a sense of resistance to the content of the 4HWW but the truth is, there are so many nuggets in the book that every reader will take and use in their journey to make money online.


  1. Crushing It – How Entrepreneurs Build their Business and Influence

Gary Vaynerchuck, also known as Gary Vee, is probably the most famous social media influencer over the past three years. In his latest book “Crushing It”, the motivational speaker outlines a step by step guide for entrepreneurs to hardness the power of social media.


However, Vaynerchuck refuses to be labeled as a motivational speaker and prefers to remain practical at all times. That is to say, he takes a very unorthodox and non nonsense approach in Crushing it that tends to inspire readers to set out to master their social media account of choice. For the most part, the book contains innovative tips and tweaks that help business owners gain more traction online and more leads, enquiries and sales.


Favourite Lesson from Crushing It


Live your passion, what does this mean anyway?


Love him or hate him, Gary Vee has a tendency to make a whole lot of sense. In Crushing It, he makes it clear that passion is the key to success. More specifically, he says that getting up work for every morening and feeling pumped about getting back to work is a pre-requisite to success. As if that’s not enough, Vaynerchuck goes on to say that you should not want a break or a vacation or even think of what you do as “work”.


Why You Should Read It


You should read Crushing It to gain new insight into the power of social media and social media influencers. Simply put, this is a blueprint for mastering social media and using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and co as the foundation for driving organic traffic through your business.


  1. Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Although written in 1937, Think and Grow Rich is just as relevant today as it was back then. What’s more, the lessons and teachings in the book are entirely applicable to making money online.


In this book, Napoleon Hill outlines thirteen steps that initiate and grow wealth. Interestingly, these steps were inspired by the time he spent working with the wealthiest many in the 1930’s world – Andrew Carnegie. As you might expect, Carnegie shared his secrets and tips for success but the book has a lot more depth than first expected. After all, there is advice in here from Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Bell and even Theodore Roosevelt.


As if that’s not enough, many of the very best rags to riches quotes can be found in the book…


Favourite Anecdotes from Think and Grow Rich


“More gold had been mined from the mind of men than the earth it self”


Napoleon Hill was one of the first people to speak about the power of “mastermind”. As you know, a mastermind group is when two or more people come together to share ideas and help benefit each other in the process. As a result, each individual achieves more and works at a faster pace than they would have done on their own.


Why You Should Read It


You will find fantastic principles in Think and Grow Rich through theories, studies, and interviews. For more than 80 years, the book has inspired a legion of online entrepreneurs and has a place on the bookshelf for almost every millionaire on the planet.


  1. Linchpin – Seth Godin


For many people, Seth Godin is the ultimate blogger and probably the most knowledgeable in terms of tips to get people reading your content. In Linchpin, Godin explains that there used to be two aspects to every work environment – labor and management – but now there is a third member which he refers to as the linchpins.


Linchpins are peopl who figure out how to progress when there is no blueprint and go to every length to delight their customers. They put everything they have into the effort and turn their “work” into an art for which they are deeply proud. Godin argues in this book that in order to make money online, every entrepreneur must learn how to become a linchpin.


Favourite Anecdote from Linchpin


It’s all about the art, not the work


Seth Godin explains that “job” is a name given to something you are told to do. For example, showing up to work in a supermarket, stacking shelves, or helping a customer upon request. As you know, someone can always do this job faster, better or even cheaper.


For this reason, you need to turn your work into an art that requires skill. In other words, you need to become indispensable to make more money online and work at creating art instead of working for the sake of having a job.



Linchpin offers some fantastic insight and knowledge that helps entrepreneurs focus on turning their work into art. What’s more, the theories and anecdotes in the book are not only practical but also very alternative and much different than what you tend to find in books about making money online.


As you can see, if you take a look at many of the most wealthy individuals who crushed it online, there are always similar traits and characteristics. At the same time, each of these authors has taken a slightly different approach and hence, learned valuable insights that can help jump start your online money-making money career.

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